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Alcohol distillation tower

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Alcohol distillation tower

Product Description

This device is suitable for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, light industry, chemical industry such as alcohol recovery, to help reduce the production cost, improve the economic benefit, this device can be 30 ° to 70 ° dilute alcohol distillation to 90 ° to 90 °, finished products require high alcohol content, can increase the reflux ratio, but the corresponding product production is reduced, the residual liquid discharged contain alcohol 3% or less, this device adopts high-efficiency stainless steel ripple packing, all contact with alcohol, such as the tower body, condenser, buffer tank, cooling coil adopts SUS304 stainless steel, to ensure that the product of alcohol is not contaminated, the tower kettle using detachable U tube heat, is advantageous for the heating of the outer wall and distillation kettle wall cleaning.
3: adopt pneumatic diaphragm valve at the tank bottom discharging, feeding more thoroughly, no stagnation, no dead Angle, avoid the cross infection of the drug.
4: this unit adopts PLC touch screen, the detecting element, a combination of pneumatic valve for full automatic operation, can effectively reduce the labor intensity and improve the accuracy of the process with a tank.

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