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Automatic infusion fluid system

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Product Description

Big infusion automatic fluid distribution system, this system adopts full automatic control with liquid, the fuselage adopts full sealing technology, more effective to achieve aseptic environment production and liquor.Improve the quality of work of enterprises.

Performance characteristics:
1: the combination of technology and equipment, road equipment completely according to the technological requirements for the design, manufacture, installation.
2: this unit is under magnetic stirring structure, completely put an end to the traditional mechanical seal leakage and pollution problems.
3: adopt pneumatic diaphragm valve at the tank bottom discharging, feeding more thoroughly, no stagnation, no dead Angle, avoid the cross infection of the drug.
4: this unit adopts PLC touch screen, the detecting element, a combination of pneumatic valve for full automatic operation, can effectively reduce the labor intensity and improve the accuracy of the process with a tank.

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