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Ball type vacuum concentrator

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Product Description

Ball type vacuum concentrator:    Ball concentrator are mainly composited with concentror kettle body,condenser,gas and liquid separator, liquid receiver tank.

It can be used to condense and distill liquid material and reclaim organic solution in pharmacy,food and chemical.   

Because adopting negative pressure concentrator,the concentration time become short,and it will not destroy the efficient 

composition of heat sensing material.

The  concentrator are made of stainless steel material and it accord with GMP . 

Type QN-300QN-500QN-700JH-1000

Specification Evaporating Capacity kg/h70120145195


Inside Pressure0.09Mpa

Vacuum Degree 500-620mmHg Heating Area m21.31.622.8  cooling Aream22.433.54

Equipment Weight Kg380 450 630 950

Dimension Size mm   Length1900203021002335  Width1100120013001520  Height2300250026002765

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