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CX automatic chromatography separation unit

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Product Description

System composition and characteristics:
Pieces of automation control system
DCS distributed control strategy based on advanced written chromatography workstation, realize the control of pumps, valves and various online detector and data acquisition, to be able to complete more convenient column series and parallel operation, the stability and accuracy of process.
Pieces of TCM special on-line detection system
Including flow, pressure, temperature, pH value (optional), electrical conductivity (optional) in the conventional process parameters, such as testing and use of ultraviolet spectrum (optional), near infrared spectrum (optional) of traditional Chinese medicine effective parts (or components) content of real-time detection.
Mixer chromatography column structure
The design of the structure of the chromatography column is good, the reasonable ratio, high precision of the import and export of fluid distribution device, equipped with automatic loading system and the air compressed air interface, to ensure the loading effect and packing layer column regeneration effect, has provided the safeguard for effective separation.
The application of chromatographic separation technology in the separation and purification of natural products:
Mainly applied in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) purification of chromatographic separation technology mainly include adsorption chromatography and ion exchange chromatography.Adsorption chromatography including reverse phase chromatography (C18 reverse phase filler) and normal phase silica gel chromatography technology;Ion exchange chromatography is mainly used for the separation and purification of charged compounds.The chromatographic separation technology in flavonoids, alkaloids, glycosides, organic acid, polysaccharide and other effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine refined plays an increasingly important role.
Control interface:
The unit is designed for the pharmaceutical industry industrial scale and design research and development for the purification of target compounds.The preparation of liquid chromatography column, has a very high sample load \ ability, this as in the case of low cost increase the preparation of purified products provides a reliable guarantee.
Functions and features:
Widely used in wastewater treatment, proteins, enzymes, monosaccharides, polysaccharides and plant active ingredients, such as the extraction and refining.Chromatography separation characteristic is: mild operating conditions (temperature, generally for atmospheric pressure);The mixture through at a time and at the same time get more pure components;Can be obtained precise separation, the product of high purity.This unit into modern computer automatic control technology, process parameters on-line detection technology, the traditional manual chromatography equipment upgrading, improve equipment reliability and repeatability of the equipment is easy to amplification of chromatographic process, solve the problem of industrialized production.
The application of the isolation and purification of natural products:
Test in process of development, amplification pilot technology research, plant such as the preparation of standard substance and reference substance.Widely used in separation of phenols, aldehydes, alkaloids, amino acids, steroids, terpenoids, flavonoids, quinones, organic acids, glycosides, such as sugars, nucleoside class is tasted.Such as paclitaxel, tea polyphenols, ginkgo biloba extract, bamboo leaves flavonoids, vitamin E etc.

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