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Distillation column

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Distillation column

Product Description

1. plate type column
Plate column for gas liquid or liquid fluid system is a kind of hierarchical contact and mass transfer equipment, composed of cylindrical tower body and level according to certain spacing device in several plate of the tower.Widely used in distillation and absorption, some type (e.g., the sieve plate tower) is also used for extraction, also can be used as the reactor for gas liquid reaction process.Operation for gas-liquid systems (for example), liquid under the action of gravity, from top to bottom, in turn, flows through the layers of plate, to the bottom discharge;Gas under pressure difference to promote, in turn from bottom to top through the layers of plate, to the top of the tower.On each plate maintained a certain depth of the liquid layer, gas through the plate dispersed in the liquid layer, in the international contact and mass transfer.
2. packed type tower
Packed tower on the tower packing as mass transfer of gas and liquid two phases contact components equipment.At the bottom of the packed tower tower is always vertical cylinder, filled with filler plate, packing by heaps or whole build by laying bricks or stones placed on the back plate.The top of the packing packing pressure plate installation, blown by the increased flow in case.Liquid from the top of the tower by the liquid distributor spray to the packing, and along the filler surface.Gas from the bottom into, the gas distribution device (small diameter tower is generally not a gas distribution device) distribution, and reverse flow continuously through the gap filler layer to the liquid, on the filler surface, gas liquid two phase close contact and mass transfer.Packed tower belongs to the continuous contact gas-liquid mass transfer equipment and two phase composition along the tower Gao Lianxu change, under normal operation condition, the gas phase as the continuous phase, liquid phase as the dispersed phase.
Packed tower with large production capacity, high separation efficiency, pressure drop is small, the liquid volume is small, the advantages of large elasticity of operation.

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