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Horizontal Sterilization Pan

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Product Description

This equipment is the main food sterilization, canned processing equipment.Can also be applied to food industry (preserves food processing) to finalize the design of pressure cooking and textile industry.The equipment structure is reasonable, good sealing, easy opening and closing, convenient operation, safe and reliable, stable performance, and is equipped with a compressed air piping, with the back pressure of compressed air, effectively guarantee the canned not deformation, keep food flavor.Specification: 360-3000 cans.
Horizontal sterilization pot's instructions:
Usually the heat sterilization of canned canned food factory as atmospheric water treatment, use is the form of horizontal sterilization pot, based on the introduction of compressed air to achieve back pressure sterilization.Cooling must be done in the pot, for example, be sure to use the water pump into the pot on top of the spray nozzle.Because at the time of sterilization, heating lead to raise the temperature of canned, canned in more pressure than outside of the tank pressure.So, in order to prevent the sterilization, the cover of the glass tank pressurization to jump and tins two end face of the horse mouth bulging, must reverse pressure, especially want to compare high temperature sterilization of canned meat, more to do so.Using negative pressure sterilization, that is, using compressed air into the pot to increase pressure, avoid canned jump convex tank and cover, its operation situation has the following steps:
Because of the compressed air belongs to poor conductors, there is a certain pressure steam itself.So, at the time of sterilization, heating process, not in the compressed air, as long as the temperature of sterilization, in the heat preservation time, can open the compressed air into the pot, let the pot increased by 0.5 ~ 0.5 a atmospheric pressure.Especially after sterilization, drop the temperature of cooling time, stop supply steam, the cooling water into the water spray.

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