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  • Crystallization technology

    Continuous crystallizer can be easily combine with mechanical compression pump, and hold the evaporation crystallization under the low temperature, also do not need the steam, neither the chilled water.Energy conservation as well as to avoid the huge investment in refrigerator.The degree of supersaturation is an important parameter of Crystallization. [View Details]
  • The service scope of evaporator

    Products in the process of evaporation behavior depends on the characteristics of its own.Operating conditions and process parameters of evaporation device is depends on the evaporation heat, specific heat, boiling curve under different pressure and flow behavior [View Details]
  • Medicine production up in Armenia

    November 16, 2010 | 13:22  “Armenian Pharmaceutical Competitiveness - Third International Conference” is held in Yerevan on November 16. Pharmaceutics is actively developing in Armenia. A total of 40% of medicine produced in Armenia is exported, while share of imported goods in domestic market makes about 85%. This year production of medicine in Armenia has increased by 15% as compared with 2011. Seventeen Armenian companies are licensed to produce medicine. “Arpimed” is one of the leading companies, its share makes 60% of all drugs produced in Armenia. Other companies are also working to have their place in the domestic market. For instance, 2-yeer-old Medical Horizon Company is producing anesthetic and is already importing it to Georgia and Uzbekistan. USAID/CAPS Chief of Party Artak Ghazaryan, attaches great importance to the adoption of international standards. “Armenian medicine producers have already started the process of introducing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards - an imperative in today’s global market. However, there is a pressing need for the establishment of a corresponding legislative framework to reach adequate levels of competitiveness. It is impossible to offer medicines to the European market and, starting from 2014, even CIS countries, without these standards being in place. Hence, GMP certification is the permit to enter the global market for our local pharmaceutical producers,” he said, USAID statement reads. [View Details]
  • Paint

    Over the course of the history of “paint” (as with joint compounds), there have been thousands of producers of paint and even more formulations, each with several dozens of ingredients. Original paint formulations were based on readily available, natural plant-based oils, one or more organic solvent, emulsifiers, pigments and driers. Today most paint is “latex” or more accurately, water-based rather than oil-based, and the amount of VOCs (volatile organic content) has been drastically reduced for environmental reasons. While oil based paints have not completely gone away,now both attapulgite and silica to the oil base paint market, water based paints & coatings dominate all major architectural coatings markets. [View Details]
  • Introduction of usage and features about sanitary stainless steel storage tank

    This series of containers are manufacturing, testing and acceptance according to the ?Steel welding container technology conditions?. Storage tank is made of 304 or 316 l, volume of 0.5 T ~ 20 T for vertical or horizontal structure form [View Details]

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