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JH series alcohol recovery tower

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Product Description

1, the alcohol recovery tower is made up by column reactor, tower, condenser, buffer tank, high storage tank of six parts, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical and other industries of thin alcohol recovery, this equipment parts contacted with material using 0 cr18ni9 stainless steel manufacturing.
2, alcohol recovery tower has good corrosion resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, reduce the production cost and improve efficiency.
3, alcohol recovery tower device can be 30 ? to 50 ? of dilute alcohol distillation to 93 ? to 95 ?, the residual liquid discharged low alcohol degree according to environment protection.
4, alcohol recovery tower is made of high quality stainless steel packing.Parts contacting material are all made of stainless steel in line with the GMP requirements.JH ??????????

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