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Microporous filter

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Microporous filter

Product Description


Filter bag Vessel type
1.Sideline Single Bag Filter vessel
2.Topline Single Bag Filter vessel
3.Multi Bag Filter vessel





Filter bag vessel Specification  
Material: SS304 SS316L 904L or lined
Bag Size : 1 2 3
Inlet&outlet : DIN ANSI Tri clamp NPT
Maximum Operating Pressure : 150psi
Maximum Operating Temperature 400F
Surface Finish Bead blasted or polished


Microporous filter (microporus filter) aperture 0.2 1 um filter membrane filtration business, herein after referred to as MF. Microporous filter is a new type of filtration equipment, which developed in recent years both at home and abroad. It can filter out particles of or bigger than 0.1 um from liquid, gas, and germs, it has advantages of high filtration precision, fast transition, adsorption, no medium loss, Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, convenient operation, etc. Is now widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, beverages, fruit wine, Biochemical water treatment, etc.

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