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Mixing tank(sterilizing tank /aseptic tank)

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Mixing tank(sterilizing tank /aseptic tank)

Product Description

Sanitary Mixing Tank is mainly applicable in industries: Biology, medicine, food, beer, dairy, fine chemical, cosmetic etc.

It is manufactured completely complying with GMP standard. Inside is mirror polished to Ra≤0.28um.Outside is mirror polished, sand blasted or matt treatment.  The openings on the cover are optional: opening for level Indicator, opening for air respiration, opening for thermometer, CIP cleaning opening, SIP sterilization opening, sight glass (Integrated sight glass and lamp), opening for charging materials as well as manhole etc.


1.Mixing tank(sterilizing tank /aseptic tank) is made of SUS304 Or SS316L 
2.Mixing tank(sterilizing tank /aseptic tank) can used for heating or coolling using dimple jacket. 
3.with perlite or PU to keep heat /cold insulate. 
4.All angles is treated in special process to guarantee no dead angle 
5.this tank is widely used for heating or cooling or temperature holding 
6.liquid foods like milk, juice, ice cream, chemical and biological areas. 
7.With agitation or no can be an option, and it can be build according to the customer detail requirement. 
Mixing tank(sterilizing tank /aseptic tank) Standard configuration: 
manhole, thermometer with figure display, ladder, CIP washing point, pull pole valve, controllable trestle, charging/discharging port and sampling valve etc. 
Other Types are according to customer's requirement.




Bulk cargo: standard wooden case which can avoid any clash during the sea or air transportation in case of causing damage to the equipment’s surface.

Container cargo: equipment will be bound firmly,won’t easily swing to the side, or up, or down.

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