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Multi Bag Filter Housing

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Multi Bag Filter Housing

Product Description

Product Feature: 
Well sealed, no side leaking 
Large effective filtration area 
High filtration efficiency 
Filter bag can be replaced easily 
Small product size, large filtration capacity 
Steady quality, long using life 

Product Range: 
BAG FILTER HOUSING(stainless steel and plastic): 
Single bag filter housing 
Multi bag filter housing 
Duplex bag filter housing 
Double walled bag filter housing 
Polypropylene (PP) bag filter housing 

Range of use: 
Water treatment: 
Purification system for cooling equipments, oil-field flooding, soild free completion fluid filtration, condensation water purification for power station, wastewater treatment, pure water, condensation water, sea water desalinization, etc. 

Reclaiming catalyzer, acid, alkali, adhesive, lubricating oil, etc. 
Car manufacturing: 
Electrophoretic coating filtration, hardener filtration, solvent filtration, etc. 
Phosphate bath filtration, reclaiming precious metals, etc. 
Electronic industry: 
Printed-wiring board, galvanizing baths, wafer treatment liquid filtration, etc. 

Fine chemicals: 
Detergent filtration, coconut oil scouring, etc. 
Petrochemical industry: 
Reclaiming oil, desulfidation of oil and gas, chloramine-T filtration, paint, resin, printing oil etc. 
Food and drink: 
Fruit juice, beer, drinking water, sugar, etc. 
Pharmaceuticals industry: 
Reclaiming GMP, vitamin extraction, reclaiming protein and activated carbon etc.

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