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Multifunctional small extraction and enrichment tank

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Product Description


The machine serves for the extraction and concentration of Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, starch sugar etc.


This device applied to plant herbs, medicinal herbs, animal extracts enrichment process, to change the traditional post-enrichment technology to extract, can be extracted at the same time, concentration. Whole group can be set, the real To achieve low temperature extraction, negative pressure, positive pressure operation.

Technical parameters

Extract volume: 1m3, 2m3, 3m3, 6m3
Concentrator capacity: 0.5m3, 1m3, 1.5m3, 2.5m3
Alcohol extract temperature: 78 ~ 83
Extraction time: 7 to 8 hours / grant
Vacuum: 0.05- 0.08Mpa
The use of pressure: 0.08 ~ 0.2Mpa

The working principle

Medicine will be extracted into the tank, add the herbs 5 to 10 times that of the solvent such as water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, etc. (According to the technological requirements). Open cans extracted through steam valves and jacket so that extracting liquid heated to boiling 20 to 30 minutes later, the tube will leaching with 1 / 3 extract pumped into the concentrator. Direct extraction can be closed and the steam jacket, open the valve heaters so that the liquid material for enrichment. The second when concentration of steam through the evaporator tube up into the extract can be extracted from heat source and solution to maintain boiling extraction tank. Second steam continued to rise, the condenser condensing into hot condensate back to a solvent extraction tank for the new drug added to the surface, the new high-speed solvent from the top down through the layers to extract medicinal herbs at the bottom of the tank, the soluble medicine ingredient Dissolved in solvent extraction tank. Extract control over the funds by leaching into the concentrator, have a concentration of secondary steam can be extracted and sent to the heat source and the new solvent, so that the formation of a new solvent extraction big return, the medicine in the density of solute and solvent-containing solute to maintain a high density Gradient, medicine solute in the dissolution of high-speed, fully up to the dissolution (colorless liquid extract), this time, the extract stopped pumping into the concentrator, the concentration of secondary transfer of steam cooler, to continue enrichment, as enrichment until the required proportion (1.2 ~ 1.34) of the ointment, is used to release. Colorless liquid extract of the tank, the tank can be made into the next approved, the dregs from the slag door off schedule, if using organic solvent extraction, the first increase in the amount of water, open and straight-through steam jacket, after the solvent recovery To slag off schedule.

characteristics of the equipment
1, to be able to extract more than the rate can increase by 10 to 15% ointment containing an active ingredient of high times. As the extraction process, the hot surface of the solvent in a row added to the drug, high-speed top-down through the layers medicine, medicinal herbs dissolved in the solute, medicinal herbs have dissolved in the solvent content and maintain the quality of the solution containing the high-gradient, in medicine Solute dissolution of the high-speed, fully up to the dissolution, the active ingredient rate of extraction, enrichment in a sealed device, a small loss, high conversion rate, the rate of admission cream, cream, high active ingredient.
2, due to the high-speed solute dissolution, the extraction time, extraction and enrichment at the same time, the medicinal ointment to concentrate only 7 to 8 hours of high capacity utilization.
3, a single device, an area of small, high capacity utilization, the investment in the province.
4, an increase of only 1 extraction solvent, in a sealed device inside the circle, where dregs of the solvent can be added basically, it is more than just using the solvent extraction tank less than 30%, rate of consumption can be reduced 50 to 70 %, Which has used solvent extraction, purification of the active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine has paved the way.
5, due to the concentration of the second steam for the extraction of heat pumped into the concentrator and concentration Extract with the temperature can be more than 50% of the drug section of steam, the operation is very simple, reducing the operators.

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Bulk cargo: standard wooden case which can avoid any clash during the sea or air transportation in case of causing damage to the equipment’s surface.


Container cargo: equipment will be bound firmly,won’t easily swing to the side, or up, or down.

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