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Outdoor storage tank series

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Outdoor storage tank series

Product Description

Use scope:
1: large and medium-sized large outdoor store milk of dairy processing enterprises commonly used equipment.
2: can also be used for juice, medicine, chemical industry, etc.
Structure features:
1: the inner cylinder and the structure of the outsourcing, filling heat preservation material in the middle.
2: additional miller powder jacket cooling design, more conducive to the dairy fresh with good quality.
3: adopt the unique design of the gate humanization, extremely strong operability.
Transition section 4: cylinder adopts circular arc transition, ensure health no dead Angle.
Tank configuration:
1: T cleaners.
2: breathable cover.
3: sampling valve.
4: manhole.
5: side agitator.
6: jacketed (configuration) according to customer requirements.
7: a thermometer (configuration) according to customer requirements.
8: the pressure sensor (configuration) according to customer requirements.
9: temperature transmitter (configuration) according to customer requirements.
10: the ladder and platform.

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