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Titanium filter cartridge vessel

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Product Description


Titanium rod filter USES titanium powder sintered filter, commonly used for coarse filtration or filter in the middle.This filter has a high precision, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, the shell material is 316 or 304 l stainless steel, in line with the GMP standard. 

Usage-the filter with 316l stainless steel materials as shell,internal filter of titanium tube, high temperature, high pressure resistance,and corrosion resistance to strong acid, strong alkali,filter can be used repeatedly renewable characteristics, are the powder metallurgy method divided the titanium powder through high heat sintering hollow filter tubes made of the methods of processing, it is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries of liquid-solid separation, especially in the pharmaceutical industry for large decarburization filtration of infusion and injection production line.This series of products with compact structure, beautiful shape according to the GMP standard production, fitting adopt international standards tri-clamp connections, dismantling convenient for cleaning.

Filtration rating 0.45-100micron,porosity 28-50%

Sintered Metal Tubular Filters

Ventilation property 0.02-20/cm2minPa

Compressive strength 0.5-1.5MPa

Heat resistance 280 Celsius Degree

Maximum operating pressure differential 0.6MPa


Process industry

Power industry

Chemical Industry

Water and waste


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