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Choose high quality stainless steel fermentation tank,trust Dafeng

In nowdays the air quality more and more poor, stainless steel materials becomes widely welcomed by the people and widely used among the industries,because of their excellent characteristics of corrosion resistance and never rust.Our company as a professional manufactuer of stainless steel tank, fermentation tank, USES the high quality stainless steel and make the tanks in accordance with related provisions.The role of the stainless steel fermentation tank is very big, either as a fermentation tank in the manufacture of liquor brewing, can also treated as storage tanks.Our factory added the design of cone bottom, the purpose lies in a recovery of yeast after a successful alcoholic fermentation , and then processed.It also saves the winery's brew costs, save resources.


Our plant introduced the advanced production technology and production process of domestic and abroad,let the stainless steel fermentation tank improved a lot in brewing and storage performance, at the same time,the stainless steel fermentation tank produced by our plant better sales in the market, and accumulated a number of stable old and new clients.Our factory will timely update and improve the production process, to produce higher quality stainless steel fermentation tanks, to give back to the public.

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