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Crystallization technology


1).Crystallization is an important chemical process, which is one of the main means of physical purification.Many chemical, pharmaceutical products and intermediate products are based on the crystal morphology, crystalline mass production tends to be the best and the most economic way.
Crystallization process is a kind of complicated heat transfer, mass transfer process.In solution and crystal of suspension, and solute molecules in the solution transfer to the crystal, at the same time, the molecules of crystal diffusion in the solution (dissolution).In unsaturated solution dissolution rate is faster than the crystallization rate, from a macro point of view, this process is a dissolve;In supersaturated solution,crystallization speed is greater than the dissolution rate, from a macro point of view,this is the crystallization process.So, the premise of crystallization is that there should be a certain degree of supersaturation in solution.

2).Continuous crystallization with high yield, low energy consumption, less mother liquor, Super quality, high degree of automation, equipment cover an small area and less operators, etc.Due to continuous crystallization equipment has high production efficiency, a set of continuous crystallizer can often replaces several or even dozens of sets of intermittent crystallizers, the number of corresponding equipment is greatly reduced.For the crystallization of pharmaceutical products, due to the continuous crystallizer under all closed, the crystallizer can be arranged outside from the GMP workshop, but

only put centrifuge, dryer and packing placed in the inside of GMP workshop, this will greatly reduce the area of GMP workshop, thereby reducing the investment cost.


Continuous crystallizer can be easily combine with mechanical compression pump, and hold the evaporation crystallization under the low temperature, also do not need the steam, neither the chilled water.Energy conservation as well as to avoid the huge investment in refrigerator.

The degree of supersaturation is an important parameter of Crystallization.

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