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Introduction of usage and features about sanitary stainless steel storage tank

This series of containers are manufacturing, testing and acceptance according to the ?Steel welding container technology conditions?.


Storage tank is made of 304 or 316 l, volume of 0.5 T ~ 20 T for vertical or horizontal  structure form,


can also design and processing according to the actual needs of customers;

Interface USES the international general standard fast clamp;

Inside and outside surface mirror polishing achieve to national pharmaceutical companies GMP quality management specification;

Sanitary stainless steel tank features:
1. Stainless steel has strong resistance to corrosion, it is not affected by the outside air and residual chlorine in water corrosion. Each of tank before delivery has to pass though the pressure test and inspection, service life can reach about 100 under atmospheric pressure.

2. Good sealing feature: sealed design prevents the invasion to the tank of harmful substances in air particulates and mosquitoes,to ensure the water quality is not affected by the outside pollution and worm. Sanitary stainless steel storage tank, are made from stainless steel as the raw material of the tank.

3. Compared with ordinary plastic storage tanks, stainless steel storage tank can tolerate a higher pressure, widely used in many high-pressure situations, and at the same time stainless steel storage tank has a significant the characteristics: sealing performance of tank, completely eliminate the harmful substances in the air and the invasion of the mosquito, to ensure that the tank storing liquid was not influenced by the outside world pollution, not breed red insect, so food hygiene grade stainless steel tank mostly used for storage and transportation of drugs, and widely used in the industry and dairy industry. 

4. Stainless steel cans not often clean; the sediment in the water and only open the tank bottom drain valve to discharge on a regular time. Every 3 years can use simple equipment remove scale, greatly reduce the cost of cleaning and avoid human bacterial virus pollution completely.

Choose equipped with level gauge, thermometer, air breathing mouth, manhole and circulation system interface, gym, guardrail, mixing etc to be designed by customer's requirement.

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