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The service scope of evaporator

Products in the process of evaporation behavior depends on the characteristics of its own.Operating conditions and process parameters of evaporation device is depends on the evaporation heat, specific heat, boiling curve under different pressure and flow behavior.As well as other properties, the scaling tendency, their sensitivity to temperature and salt precipitation and other factors.Here are some examples in the LELIAO company evaporation device has successfully concentrated product.

Necessary, can provide other products information. 

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Alkali kind of caustic soda and caustic potash
Aromatic compounds, petroleum products, acetone and other ketone
Organic acids,
Inorganic acid,
Synthetic products have lactam aqueous solution, synthetic rubber, stabilizers, spices
Salt solution, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, calcium nitrate, calcium and sodium sulfate process
Enzyme, antibiotics, medicines, pharmaceutical solution extract, sugar substitutes, sorbitol, sorbose, gluconic acid salt
Amine urea and diethyl amine
Phenol, alcohol, methanol, ethanol, butanol, glycerin, ethylene glycol
Waste liquid leakage, water, wash water and oil emulsion, photographic wastewater, etc

Natural organic product industry
Glutamic acid, lysine, betaine, fermentation medium
Leather glue, bone glue and gelatin gelatin, edible gelatin and photo gelatin, skin gelatin and bone glue, etc
Emulsion micelles dispersions
Extract, Tannin extract
Waste liquid detergent, grain, whiskey, potato washing liquid
Corn, sorghum, pickling liquid
Sticky kind of aqueous solution Slaughterhouse wastewater, fish processing waste water, fruit peel squeezing water, beet chopped fiber compression
Organic wastewater, washing water, wheat, and potato starch wastewater
Blood products, whole blood, plasma

The food industry
Dairy products, whole milk and skim milk, condensed milk, sweet whey and lactic acid, butter, milk protein and lactose
High protein juice, Big bean milk extract, yeast extract and feed yeast
Juice, orange juice, and other citrus juice, apple juice and apple juice, mixed fruit juice and other tropical fruit juice
Vegetable juice, Lettuce juice, sugar beet root juice, toma

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