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Welcome to Stainless steel Tank

Welcome to Stainless steel Tank

We are an Chinese/A.S.M.E. code fabricator of stainless steels, building mix tanks, vessels,reaction kettles, towers,storage tanks,columns,

hoppers, coils, and your custom designs. Give us an opportunity, and we'll show you a quality product.

Stainless Tanks & Vessels

The majority of our work is Stainless Steel. We also work in Titanium, carbon steel and less others.

At this time we are only working in stainless steel, building tanks and piping. We have built a tank with a 20 foot diameter.Our projects include

20,000L vessels with internal coils, 6,000L/5,000L/2,000L/500L storage tanks and 40 dimple jacketed vessels.

Contact Us Today

We will be happy to receive your calls or requests to discuss any current or forthcoming projects. Let us take a look at your stainless steel tank and vessel needs.

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